Curriculum Vitae

Vicki A. Hallett

Musician, Sound Artist, Field Recordist, Music Teacher

Interests: Scuba diving, Acoustic Ecology, Ethnomusicology and Egyptology. Elephants, whales, infrasound, acoustic ecology.



Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Institute: The University of Melbourne 1991

Bachelor of Arts (MUSIC)

Major Study: Clarinet (Mainstream) 1988-1990 Institute: Victorian College of the Arts

Certificate III in Business (Frontline Management)

Institute: Royal Australian Air Force 2005


Performance Experience:

Recordings and compositions

Elephant Song - Habitat version
Inside the Basilica
Elephant Listening Project
Model for the End of the Universe Series Meditations

To listen:

Curriculum Vitae


Elephant Listening Project-Live:

Elephant Song: or uolepc

Current Projects

Elephant Listening Project (2014 - Present)

In collaboration with Cornell University’s Elephant Listening Project (founded by Katy Payne) with support from Director Peter Wrege and his assistant Liz Rowland.
Conceived around 2006. Working with infrasound samples and field recordings that ELP capture in their acoustic recordings to study and help conserve the African forest elephant.

Notable performances:

Extrasensory at Parliament House with Royal Society of Victoria Featured Main Stage Act, National Science Week (Aug 2019)

National Science Week Victorian Launch Opening Act at Royal Society of Victoria (2018)

International delegates with peer reviews.
Sonic Environments Conference with the Australasian Computer Music Association and the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology atQueensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia. (Jul 2016)


Elephant Listening Project


Elephant Song:

Habitat (2018 - Present)

Field recordings are the basis of Habitat’s music composition. The musicians improvise and react musically to images and sounds of species in crisis within their natural habitat to create
an immersive and captivating live performance. Sounds and images of the endan- gered African forest elephant were recorded by the Elephant Listening Project (ELP) from Cornell University.

Vicki Hallett-winds
Jeremy Alsop-bass
Steve Falk-percussion


Other Performance Experience

Clarinet player, Co-founder, Section Leader, Orchestral Manager (2016-2018) of Geelong Symphony Orchestra (2016-Present), Castlemaine State Festival (1986, 2004, 2019), Study and Performance Tour of Netherlands (2000), Young Performers Competition (ABC)(1998,1999), Australian Classical Players (2000), Geelong Philharmonic Orchestra (2003-2006), Gemaniani Orchestra (1999), Geelong Chamber Orchestra (1999).

Chamber Music/ Collaboration Experience

Human Aquarium

Collaboration with Dr Ros Bandt and Jem Savage. Hydrophone recordings and sound design. Sensory Portal commissioned by City of Geelong Premiered at Geelong After Dark (2019)


Collaboration with Dr Ros Bandt, Jem Savage and Marie Pangaud. Field recordings, media, live electronics and live performance. Commissioned by City of Geelong
Premiered at Geelong After Dark (2018)


Freshwater Listening

Collaboration with Dr Ros Bandt, Dr Georgie Snowball
and Elisa Stone

Link: (2018)

Kalimna Trio-with Lachlan Dent (cello) and Chris Nankervis (piano) (2018)


Performance in the Bushvelt of South Africa with Mike Vernusky (US) album motherspeak (2018)

Chromaticity - Collaboration with photographer Ferne Millen. Field recordings, composition and performance based on the photographic outline of 3 Mounts in Regional Victoria. Premiered at Geelong After Dark (2017)

Sonus Ensemble (Founder and Artistic Director) (2013-Present)

CLARINET PLAYER - Full time: RAAF Central Band (1992-2005)

Key Responsibilities:
As a key member of the Royal Australian Air Force Central Band, I was required to per- form at international standards in a diversity of styles. With multiple performances sched- uled weekly, it is essential to produce consistently outstanding results given minimum preparation. In addition, it is critical to maintain the flexibility to meet constantly chang- ing requirements in various environments, often under challenging circumstances.
The role of a Musician requires full military training with annual assessments.


  • Held prominent solo positions in: Symphonic Wind Band-Bb and Eb clarinet Catalina Wind Quintet-Bb and A clarinet

    -Group Leader

  • Invited by the Government of Korea to perform throughout provinces of South Korea in October 2000. This involved working and performing with musicians from 16 dif-

    ferent countries that had contributed to the Korean War.

  • Selected as a national representative of the Australian Defence Force to perform at the

    1995 Royal Tournament at Earl’s Court, London. Worked alongside a selection of the world’s finest military musicians and gunners including Gurka’s and French Foreign Legion. Over a period of several weeks, daily performances were given to tens of thou- sands of people, including Queen Elizabeth II and members of the Royal Family.

  • Gave several hundred performances annually. This included working: at major public events; in Australia’s premier venues (Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Concert Hall); with Australia’s finest musicians (James Morrison, Tommy Emmanuel, Rhonda Burchmore, Donald Cant, Julie Anthony)

  • Contributed to band management through numerous support roles and tasks. These included: managing the Catalina Wind Quintet, sound recording, public relations, social club, recruiting and auditioning, developing the schools’ program, and organising events.

  • Co-ordination of loading/unloading of equipment required for performances within Australia and overseas including combat deployments.

  • Equity Advisor within the RAAF. This role involved being a confidante for any person employed within the Defence Force that was having personal issues with equity and diversity in the workplace.

  • First female musician to be promoted to Sergeant in a RAAF Band Australia wide.

  • Library Administrator. Duties- music hire, library administration, promotional as-

    sistance, cataloguing of music, liaising with composers and arrangers, ordering/receiv- ing of new music, books and CD’s.

Conference presentations (with peer-review)

Beyond Our Hertz - Sound Installation at Australasian Computer Music Conference / International Technologies for Music Notation and Representation. Peer reviewed. (July 2019)

Personal explorations with acoustic ecology in live performance: three case studies from Australia and South Africa.
International Ecoacoustics Congress at Griffith University and QUT. (June 2018)

Elephant Song live performance at the International Sonic Environments Conference with the Australasian Computer Music Association and the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology at Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia. Peer reviewed. (July 2016)


Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group
Audio Wings Vol. 20 No. 1 (Aug 2018)

Field Report Sonic Mmabolela Australian Music Centre

Sound Installation Artist

Artist in Residence - Courthouse, Geelong (2019)

Parallel Universe - Beyond Our Hertz
Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne (2019)

NEAL collaborative Artists-in-Residence, Courthouse, Geelong (2018) Artist-in-Residence at “Boom Gallery” (2015)

Creative Exchange

Bogong Centre of Sound Culture (B-CSC) Winter Masterclass (2019) International Masterclass on field recording at Bogong High Plains,
Falls Creek, Australia

Sonic Mmabolela-South Africa. (2017). International Sound Art Residency field recording with Francisco Lopez

Australian Art Orchestra-Cairns (2014) Collaborative exchange with Korean Musicians


Disconnected States

PBS The Sound Barrier

3CR- Lost in Science sequestration-and-elephant-music

Instrumental Teaching

POSITION: MUSIC TEACHER, HEAD OF WOODWIND DEPARTMENT Part-Time: Grovedale Secondary College 1994 - Present Various other Public and Private Schools throughout Victoria.

Clarinet teachers studied with

Philip Miechel, late Dr Peter Clinch, Pamela Bloom, Reinier Hogerheijde, Oscar Ram- spek, Nancy Braithwaite, Frank Celata, Robert Schubert.

Orchestral Manager and clarinetist in Geelong Symphony Orchestra

Joint founder, committee member, Orchestra Manager and clarinet player. 2015-2018 (Volunteer position)

NEAL (New and Exploratory Arts Labratory)


NEAL aims to create a collaborative community around new and experimental arts, where artists and practitioners have the opportunity to interact, share ideas and exchange pro- cesses.

NEAL was established in 2017 to connect artists, create opportunities to perform, record, run workshops and network opportunities within a variety of suitable spaces.

2018 has NEAL host an Artists in Residence, the international award-winning band Trio Elf with support from the Goethe Institut and the presentation of a National Science Week event with support from the Royal Society of Victoria.

Music Practitioner

Private Practice 2014-Present Geelong University Hospital Paediatric Ward (invited vol- unteer) 2015-2018

Professional Development

Abseiling Level 1 & 2 (RAAF) Equity and Diversity Adviser (RAAF) PADI Advanced Open Water Diver


Associate Represented Artist by the Australian Music Centre
Committee member of the Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology (AFAE)

Committee member of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Groups (AWSRG) Committee member of the Australasian Computer Music Association (ACMA)

Volunteer for Delta Pet Therapy with my two Saint Bernard dogs (2005-2007), trainer of a Saint Bernard dog in a U.S. feature film “Torn” (2006), working with Autistic children, their Therapists and therapies (2010-Present).
Member of Royal Society of Victoria.