Vicki that was an extraordinary performance, we just loved it. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us, I’m still savouring a beautiful experience!
— Royal Society of Victoria
Vicki Hallett knows the the best place to play clarinet is outside, in the real world of other species and sounds. In her beautiful performance at Mabolel Rock, she even gets a mysterious beast to rise out of the water, eager to hear her pure and perfect tone.
— David Rothenberg, author of Why Birds Sing, Bug Music and Thousand Mile Song.
Vicki is a talented musician, skilled collaborator and committed interdisciplinary researcher who has forged a distinctive voice in Australia’s cultural landscape.
— Dr Leah Barclay. President of the Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Vice-President of the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology.
Vicki is a committed and perceptive artist merging sound in a visual arts context.
— Ren from Boom Gallery