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Vicki works as a Music Practitioner. After receiving calls from people who began using her "Lullabies" CD for their own personal Pain-Management Meditations, Vicki has now developed a program; tailoring Meditations for clients based on each individuals' needs. This can either be achieved as a live performance and/or as a specifically recorded CD.

Prior to the making of the CD Vicki spent time with me playing and documenting what notes I found pleasant and relaxing. The clarinet used as a slow heart beat enables me to become focused and centred. I find the lower mellow haunting tones of the clarinet over the top of the heart beat hypnotic. It was essential for me to have the heart beat run all the way though the piece as I was able to focus back on the beat if my mind wandered. Best described it is an anchor.

The collaboration with Vicki in creating the CD made it personal to me and my sensitivity to pitch. The final result enables me to use the CD as a coping mechanism for relaxation and meditation when suffering head and facial neuralgia.
— Testimonial by L.E. September 2015
Vicki Hallet CD

To discuss your individual requirements, please contact Vicki.

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