Cartouche - Digital Album

Cartouche 2 Thomas Odgers.jpg
Cartouche 2 Thomas Odgers.jpg

Cartouche - Digital Album


Improvised solo clarinet weaving melodies to soothe your soul.

  1. Cartouche

  2. Dee

  3. Huli

  4. Ting

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With the help of sound engineer, the late Richard Beechey, I created my favourite work so far, the title track "Cartouche". 
Here is some words from his wife: 
"It is always great when musicians come together to collaborate, what transpires captures the artist vision and their expertise and sometimes their friendship. 
My late husband Richard had the pleasure of working with one of our long time friends Vicki Hallett. 
She's created along with Richard's assistance with recording some beautiful songs that are unique, haunting and solemnly beautiful. 
Richard and Vicki also played in bands together, and Richard respected Vicki's friendship and talent and made this recording even more so now, special. 
Vicki is kindly donating the profits to Professor Brendan Jenkins gastric cancer research. 
Richard passed away in June 2010 from gastric cancer after a short diagnosis of 7 months, he was aged 35. 
Enjoy this wonderful body of work, and by doing so, when you purchase the songs you are making a difference so other families in the future don't have to go through what we did. 
Happy listening" 
Tonya Court (Beechey)