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Vicki Hallett is part of a new generation of creative practitioners who are reshaping the role of interdisciplinary research in responding to the greatest challenges of our time
— Dr. Leah Barclay-President of the Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Vice-President of the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology.


Vicki is a versatile chamber musician, sound artist, music practitioner and educator. She performs as a clarinetist with Sonus Ensemble and the Geelong Symphony Orchestra. Her recordings vary from a chamber music clarinet soloist to her exploratory work with Elephants, Sound Art and Meditation/Practitioner projects.

Vicki’s compositional process is constantly evolving and explores the space between hearing music as a cultural experience and the aural vibration within the being. The ongoing quest for sonic immersion and creative compositional devices with authenticity and inspiration leads both Vicki and the listener through an organic landscape of sound.



Photography by Ferne Millen Photography.